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Executive Protection

Our Executive Protection providers are trained and experienced.  We have provided protection to Heads of State, politicians, entertainers, and affluent individuals requiring focused, armed protection. 

With the increasing amount of violence in the workplace, we have extensive experience in providing covert or visible armed security at workplaces in the event of lay-offs, firings or threats to individuals.

Background Checks

Background checks vary in context and are used for such things as hiring individuals in a workplace, checking the history of a nanny or babysitter applicant and investigating individuals offering business or investment opportunities. 

The most thorough background check can be completed with a signed authorization from the person being investigated including that individual's date of birth and social security number.

Witness Interviews

Our extensive background in law enforcement provides our investigators
with excellent interview techniques and experience. Our investigators are not intimidated by the interview process and have extensive experience in court testimony, should that be necessary.

Forensic Investigations

We are able to provide many types of investigative services from
computer analysis to fingerprint and handwriting analysis. Our
extensive list of experts in many fields of investigation will provide
you with professional and reliable results.


With our experience in law enforcement, we are capable of performing
vehicular surveillance on individuals. Our use of covert camera equipment also enables us to videotape individuals in bar or restaurant settings without being observed.

Worker's Compensation Investigations

We have extensive experience in providing workers compensation
investigations and surveillance for major insurance companies. Our
surveillance has resulted in exposing numerous cases of fraudulent
claims, saving corporations and insurance companies millions of dollars
in future worker compensation payments.